Combating Burnout

With a little Google search, WebMD tells us that “burnout” is “a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped.” That resonates! We hear the words, “I’m slammed,” or “I’m swamped,” every single day. It’s the nature of our business. So, what do we do with that? There are options: 1. Do something about it or 2. Ignore it and let it happen.

While some people may close their eyes and hope the problem goes away, at G7 we like to tackle burnout BEFORE it’s a problem!

Burnout can happen to anyone in any industry, not just ours. In fact, a McKinsey & Company survey showed that nearly half of employees at any given time can be feeling at least somewhat burnt out. ALMOST HALF! Let that soak in! Think about your team where you work. Nearly half of those people who look perfectly content on the outside are actually dealing with burnout.

So, what can you do? There’s a lot actually! At Group 7even, we work hard to keep our working hours productive so that when the “quitting time” whistle blows, we can all go home. There are exceptions from time to time, but for the most part, we do a good job with quitting on time. Secondly, we employ a marine-inspired mantra of “no man left behind.” Team members don’t leave other team members behind to finish up for the night even through they may be done. Each offers to pitch in and get the work done efficiently and effectively so that we can all leave together.

Summer hours are a coveted perk that breaks the burnout. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the team works half-day Fridays. It’s a way to show team members they are appreciated as well as keeping burnout at bay. Team retreats are also a great way to refresh and rejuvenate. We recently took a jaunt down to the Emerald Coast of FL to bond as a team and discuss growth strategies while soaking up rays and laying on the white sandy beaches.

All of these tactics work great for our team! They may not be perfect for you, but it’s a great jumping off point to help keep burnout down to a minimum. At the end of the day, employees need to know that you value them beyond being a worker. They are a person with a full life. When you show them that you understand that and that you genuinely care about them, employees are happier across the board.