Memorable Messaging

Do you remember the Oatly commercial from Super Bowl 2021? No? Us Either. Outside of its remarkably terrible jingle, this commercial lacks any of the strategic luster that makes for memorable messaging. But, don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself. When you are searching for the nearest earplugs, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Creating memorable brand messaging is a crucial component of a brand and the marketing for that brand and its products or services. Even further, strategic messaging is memorable messaging, which leads to top-of-mind awareness. Developing a campaign when introducing a new product or service can be difficult if it isn’t strategically conceived with the consumer in mind. Consider the messaging of a product or service that comes to mind as memorable - What makes it so memorable?  

In memorable messaging, wording is critical. How can a headline for a campaign be worded, so it stands out to a customer? One thing we consistently see in what we do is that company owners and writers tend to write things that resonate with them. The issue with that is that in a lot of cases, they aren’t the target. And even if they are, they represent a focus group of one. Great messaging speaks right to the benefit to the target - the whole target. It also focuses on the benefit to the customer.

Memorable messaging is like the friend you have that always listens and is always there to help you solve your problems. They are the first person you think of when you are really in a jam. Great messaging feels the same. To create top-of-mind awareness, your product needs to become the first solution your customer thinks of when faced with a need. To be memorable, people don’t need to remember every feature or benefit of your product. They remember what needs you meet and how you make them feel.

It might take some research, but knowing what emotion the audience needs to feel is key to memorable messaging. It may be that the audience needs to see something humorous, or maybe they need to see something that pulls on their heartstrings for more emotion. Who doesn’t think of those precious dogs in need of homes the minute Sarah McLaughlin starts playing? That is using emotion for memorable messaging.

Memorable messaging isn’t accidental. The most memorable commercials of all time didn’t just happen. They were very intentionally strategically created to catch attention and win the heart, laughter, and minds of the audience. Anything less is just, well, Oatly.