How G7 Survived A Global Pandemic

A global pandemic was a nightmare for many marketers. With in-person meetings halted, agencies that thrived on relationship marketing were posed to take a heavy hit. How could you nurture existing client relationships (or build new ones??) if you couldn’t even be in the same room together? Surviving the pandemic meant holding on to existing clients and building brand value. Group 7even was able to do just that. We had to step back and understand the impact the pandemic would have on each of our clients. Because we work with a variety of different kinds of companies, we had to adjust accordingly. We braced for significant shifts in strategy and stepped up our digital marketing game. This allowed us to continue to promote products, even if services paused. We identified where we could focus energy, expertise, and funds to provide the most value to every client. By being transparent and flexible, G7 communicated new approaches crucial to keeping our clients while ensuring they kept THEIR customers. What did they need most? What did their customers need most? How could we make sure those needs were met? Michelle Andres, President of Group 7even, noted: "The pandemic presented so many unknowns for the companies we work with. We were very fortunate to have clients that listened to our advice to continue marketing (albeit in different ways with different budgets) to stay connected with their customers. Additionally, we helped our clients navigate changing their business models to focus heavily on digital sales whenever possible. For our clients, the beauty of having G7 as their agency partner was their ability to focus on the other challenges the pandemic presented to their businesses while we handled everything marketing-related. I’m really proud of all of our clients. With no exceptions, all of our clients battled through unprecedented times and came out even stronger than before." By being prepared and proactive, we survived the pandemic unscathed. We also positioned our clients to stay afloat, recover and thrive.