Does Relationship Marketing Produce the Best Result?

In 2020, marketing took a backseat for many businesses as they struggled simply to survive. However, as more and more of the country reopens, marketing matters more than ever. And, after a year of extremely limited interaction, consumers are craving connection. Focusing on relationship marketing can very likely be the optimum investment for your brand. Technology can put you in touch with anyone on the planet. But it is not the same as a connection. Like in life, relationships aren’t cultivated with a handshake and smile and then no follow-up. One must continue to check in, help out, listen and adapt to change. Compromise and trust matter just as much in the rapport you build with your customers as it does with your friends. Focusing on short-term transactional marketing may increase sales, but it won’t retain customers. Nor will it increase recommendations and referrals. By prioritizing relationship marketing, your customer retention will increase. In time, your relationships gain strength and longevity, and the more profitable the customers become to your business. These are results of a high emphasis on customer service, customer contact, and focus on product quality. If your brand makes a promise, your brand must keep it. Otherwise, much like life, your consumer goes elsewhere.