Top of Mind

Top of mind awareness is pretty self-explanatory…..and vital.

The first brand that comes to your mind when a specific product is mentioned, is probably your favorite, and probably for a reason: IT’S GOOD!

(Or at least the marketing is.)

Coffee? Starbucks.

French fries? McDonalds

Movies? Netflix

Phone? Apple

Top of mind awareness should be a priority for any business. Being top of mind means that consumers not only remember and recognize your brand, but they think of it first over your competitors.

Take tissues, for example. When you need one, you probably ask for a Kleenex. But Kleenex is just one kind of tissue. See how that works? They are so top-of-mind when it comes to their product, that people literally refer to the actual product by the Kleenex name.

There are a few key components that are vital to achieving top of mind status for your business:

Your business must stand out, connect emotionally and be consistent if you want to attract and retain customers.

Being visible is key to being top of mind. No one can remember you, use you or share about you if they can’t see you.

An emotional connection with your target audience forms a relationship between your consumer and your brand. By resonating with your audience on an emotional level, you become more memorable. Being memorable puts you two steps ahead of your competitors in the top of mind marketing game.

Consistency builds trust. Businesses with an inconsistent presence in their marketing fall behind quickly. You must stand out strong and stand out often.

Yes, your product must be good.

But at the end of the day, if no one knows about it, it doesn’t matter.