Should You Be Using TikTok For Your Business?

Is TikTok becoming the main platform for marketing?
People spend hours creating and editing 60-second TikTok videos that MIGHT get them 12K views. While TikTok is the new place where the next generation “hangs out”, Facebook and Instagram are still at the top as the best platforms in marketing. Yes, adding short videos to a marketing mix is beneficial but over saturating your feed with videos can be a turn-off to customers or clients. Creating consistent content is key for engagement and your followers. Continue to perfect your strategies and messaging on the current platforms you use but continue to pay attention to new trends and the part TikTok plays in the marketing world. Yes, TikTok might be beneficial to a certain brand or company but in the big picture, it isn’t necessary to add to the mix. You shouldn’t invest time and money in this platform unless you can allocate the resources to create strategic and frequent content. For it to benefit your business, it must be done well. Not having an account is better than having an account in which there isn’t frequent activity. Inconsistencies in generating content does not attract new followers, nor does it keep a current audience engaged. Facebook and Instagram are both great platforms for reaching customers and generating engagement, all at a low cost. Promoting brand awareness can be tricky but Facebook and Instagram make it fast and easy to do.