QR Codes- Are they useful?

They are easy to create and add to different marketing materials, allowing clients to lead customers directly to a landing page or website. Almost everyone has access to a phone and nowadays, and our phones make it extremely easy for us to scan a QR code. Maybe you have a new product or new resource - creating a QR code is a great marketing tool to increase your client or customers awareness and allows them to interact with your brand in real time. Adding a QR code to a brochure, ad, poster, stickers, or even a billboard facilitates a call to action with just the scan of a code. Most QR code builder sites have the option to track the success of the QR code. Gathering information like the city of where the QR code was opening, the type of phone (iPhone or Android), where they went on the site, time that it was opened, and even what browser was used. All of this information that you can get will be helpful to you as the company. Have your website views gone up? Have you gained more customers in one geographic area? Whether you are running a campaign or launching a new product, you can gain demographic and geographic insight on your potential buyers just from their interaction on the website from the QR code, which will allow you to optimize your marketing strategy.