The Power of Testimonials

In the world of technology, testimonials are an amazing wat to grow your company by word-of-mouth marketing. Sharing what your clients or customers have to say about your company can be very insightful to a potential new client or customer.
Testimonials show potential or existing customers and clients that your company is trusted and has creditability. Our lives have become virtual in many aspects, and we have lost the opportunity for face-to-face meetings, making it harder for a potential client to sign with you, given the lack of a personal connection. Testimonials help a potential client or customer feel connected to your company through the experiences of others. They illustrate what makes your company different than your competitors. Do you focus more on customer satisfaction or client success? Having a client or customer speak to the reasons they chose you over competitors and what their experience has been like is the recipe for a perfect testimonial. The more variety you have in your testimonials, (that represent your company in a positive manner) the better. Potential clients or customers will look at them to help them better decide if they want to work with and form a relationship with your company or not. Having testimonials on your website or Google makes them easily accessible for others to view.