Creating a marketing piece? Where to start!

26 Jun 2017

Creating a marketing piece? Where to start!

Beginning a new design piece is always an exciting endeavor. Between design elements and content, our minds may wander into a blissful state of endless possibility. That being said, you may pause and wonder, “where do I start?”

In order to be tactful and productive in creating a new piece of marketing material, you have to be strategic in your approach.                   

“Copy should always be the first step in your creative journey.”

The layout and design of your piece will always be dependent of and play off of the final copy once the strategy is in place, so it is important to have this aspect completed first. Copy will usually be put through several rounds of revisions and be transformed into several versions of itself, so allowing this process to occur first will save you time on the project timeline. Often times, the copy can create a response that helps to lead your creative mind in the design direction that you ultimately choose to take. The right copy needs to have the right design to speak for it and vice versa. 

Embarking on the journey of researching and discovering copy/content for a piece also allows you to better understand the message and audience of the brand you are representing. You will be able to create a fully executed piece that you can represent with full confidence in its final presentation.