You Might Need To Send More Emails Than You Think

23 Jun 2017

You Might Need To Send More Emails Than You Think

Just as a parent who has to ask their child multiple times to clean their room before they see a neat and tidy space, one who is sending out emails will have to send multiple in order to see results. 

The need for numerous attempts of contact is caused by business professionals simply being busy. A professionals own business will always be their first priority, therefore, emails about your business will finish next to last on their priority list. 

As we all know, investing in our business and deciding where to allocate funds is not necessarily  an easy decision to make. It has to be a strategic and thoughtful decision in order to really see the return on investment you are working towards. 

Email marketing has a profitable ROI and high conversion rate, not to mention it drives customer acquisition and retention. This method of communication will allow you to keep existing clients connected and engaged, while also allowing you to acquire new customers.