Members Advantage Credit Union

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  • Category: Outsourced Marketing Department

Members Advantage Credit Union (MACU) is a nonprofit organization that is member-owned and driven. Just like banks, credit unions accept deposits, offer loans and provide a wide array of other financial products and services. On the flip side, banks are for-profit organizations that are owned by shareholders. Financial products and services are provided to maximize profits.

When MACU became a client at Group 7even, they were ready for a rebrand. We created (and continue to develop) a trustworthy and institutional-feeling brand that still evokes the spirit and people of Northwest Indiana. Our work has included everything from marketing strategy, logo and website design, direct marketing efforts and much more.


The MACU website was redesigned to help users get to the information they came for faster.

Signage within MACU branches offers an opportunity to display current promotions.

Compatibility with different devices was top-of-mind when designing MACU's website.

Direct mail campaigns help to build interest in current Members Advantage promotions.

Members Memos is a quarterly publication sent out to MACU members. It contains recent news about Members Advantage as well as helpful financial tips.