Haire Group

  • Client: Haire Group
  • Industry: Corrugated Box Machinery
  • Category: Branding & Outsourced Marketing

Haire Group has been around a while — forty years to be precise. In forty years, if you’re doing it right, you gain a reputation for doing what you do. So it was no surprise that Haire was known for selling used corrugated machinery. It’s what they did, and they did it well. When they were ready to enter the new machinery market, they enlisted the help of Group 7even.

Working alongside Haire management, Group 7even helped to remold the existing Haire brand into a brand that better represented who they are today and where they’re looking to go in the future. A comprehensive marketing and messaging plan was formed and a new visual language was implemented. And, as we like to say around the office, “It’s going good.”


Haire's new tagline "Relationship-Driven Support & Sales" speaks to Haire's customer-first corporate ethos. Their relationships with customers don't end after the sale.

Speaking to Haire's superior customer experience, we put actual Haire employees front and center.

Haire's booth at SuperCorr Expo was a hit. Who doesn't love a booth with a bar?

Better customer service means better people on your account.

Haire's leave-behind piece can be customized to present the information most pertinent to a particular customer.