Luna Tigre Candles

  • Client: Luna Tigre
  • Industry: Soy Candles
  • Category: Naming, Branding, Packaging

Luna Tigre is an Austin, Texas-based candle company that specializes in hand-poured, 100% soy wax candles. Their mission is to create candles that not only burn cleaner than traditional petroleum-based products, but also to add something special to the decor of a customer’s home or office.

To this end, we created a brand from scratch that spoke to the aspirations of this new company. Over the last several years, Luna Tigre has become known as one of Austin’s premier candle companies and has gained customers the country over. Count us among the fans. Mmm...Evergreen and Firewood.


Luna Tigre sought to create a brand that would fit in well at both hand-made artists fairs and retail shops.

A modern and clean aesthetic that tips its hat to days gone by, the packaging design strives to add to a person’s decor, rather than simply existing within.

Most customers will purchase one or two of Luna Tigre’s products upon one visit to a retail location. However, considering how the collection would look as whole on a retailers shelf was top-of-mind during the brand’s creation.
After a several years of success, Luna Tigre looked to create a second collection of candles. In this case, they sought to create a candle line of more masculine scents that could sit comfortably within a male-only boutique, but still appeal to the candle market at large.